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Receive world class training in Guiding in the natural environment, Geology, Weather & Climate, Astronomy, Ecology, Biomes of Southern Africa, Taxonomy, Plants (Trees & Grasses), Arthropods, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Animal behavior, Conservation Management & much more — all while experiencing incredible access in 4 of Zimbabwe’s Premier Tourist Destinations.


Welcome to our Mobile FGASA Level 1 course. Operating out of a collection of Zimbabwe’s finest & wildest reserves.

We believe nature holds the power to educate more than any school can. Becoming a guide with Pathfinders is not about mastering nature, it is about embracing it. This is how we become more at one with the world that we live in. And then we take you further on this incredible journey, because when you embrace nature, you start to understand it, and then we care for it, with all our might. And we want to share and celebrate this with every guest that we guide. We see conservation as a collaborative approach that starts with that first igniting of wonder in our surroundings, and the more we learn, the greater our passion to protect what is so precious.

Pathfinders has been designed from a Passion. From a love of the nature, a passion for providing people with quality guiding experiences and a love showcasing the amazing continent that is Africa. Every course we run is planned with this in mind, and this year we are proud to launch our mobile course in Zimbabwe.

This is the first of its kind in that you are based out of several locations to learn different aspects of guiding, building a more in-depth, varied understanding of the different types of ecosystem and how to guide in them accordingly. Pathfinders is about quality, We don’t want to be the company that says we produce the most, we want to be producing the best. Our promise to you is that we will give you the best experience and training possible. Be ready for some hard work, to have your comfort zone pushed, and be ready to learn. Whether you’re doing a course to become a guide or you want to learn more about the bush, prepare to see and experience nature, To be humbled, and leave different, being more at one with nature, having a better understanding and respect. We hope you leave in a greater position to help responsibly showcase what Africa has to offer to other. I look forward to personally meeting and guiding you though the FGASA level 1 course.


This is the first FGASA training course of its kind, in that you are based out of several locations to learn different aspects of guiding, building a more in-depth, varied understanding of the different types of ecosystem and how to guide in them accordingly

Zambezi National Park

Located adjacent to the World Famous Victoria Falls. Situated in the north-western corner of Zimbabwe, where Zimbabwe and Zambia meet, Victoria Falls is one of the seven spectacular wonders of the world.

Matopos National Park

World's Largest Granite Outcrop with the highest density per square kilometer of Leopard and Black Eagle The Matopos National Park was awarded UNESCO World Heritage [...]

Bubye Valley Conservancy

With just under One Million Acres in Southern Zimbabwe Lowveld, you will be experiencing paradise on earth for 21 to 28 days. Read more about Bubye Wildlife Conservancy and the modules studied here.

Antelope Park

You will have access to this incredibly beautiful, expansive game reserve in the Zimbabwean Midlands for 12 to 16 days. Read more about Antelope Game Park and the modules studied here.


The first mobile professional safari eld guiding course of it’s kind, Pathfinders takes you on a journey not only through education & learning in the African wilderness, but through 4 different iconic wildlife destinations, guided every step of the way by some of Africa’s most experienced and highly qualified field guide trainers.

Over the 50 day course you will cover different terrains and wildlife-rich habitats to learn how to identity species, track behavioral patterns, apply conservation techniques and learn the basics on how to survive, Guide & protect in the African bush.

Zimbabwe is Africa’s original natural wilderness and through your time on the course you will visit and study in the following areas: Antelope Park, the Bubye Valley Conservancy, Matopos Hills and Victoria Falls.


Guiding in the natural environment, Geology, Weather & Climate, Astronomy, Ecology, Biomes of Southern Africa, Taxonomy, Plants (Trees & Grasses), Arthropods, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Animal behavior, Conservation Management & much more. Combine classroom study with practical training out in some of Africa’s finest game reserves, apply hands-on techniques and gain first hand experience guiding with Africa’s Big 5; lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino, and other wildlife species of Southern Africa.

Prepare for the greatest career on earth, sharing your knowledge of wildlife and nature with visitors from around the world, and gain the required professional qualifications that will be recognized by future employers across Africa and internationally to help you achieve your lifetime goals.


  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Training Costs
  • FGASA registration fees
  • Transport between course locations
  • Park fees
  • Airport pick-up on arrival


  • FGASA Text books and other extra reading material
  • Visas
  • Flights
  • Personal travel & excursions
  • Purchase of curios and any items of a personal nature


The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) is a professional authority, which sets the regulatory standards on safari guiding education and practice throughout the safari industry in Southern Africa.

The FGASA program is aligned with and covers all the requirements of the CATHSSETA registered National Qualification Framework 2, Nature Site Guide skills program in Southern Africa. The main focus of this skills program is on tourist guiding, specifically with an emphasis on Nature Guiding within a site or a number of sites.

FGASA Level 1 Nature Guide is the qualification you will work to achieve through the Pathfinders 50 day course and is the base-line requirement to enter a career as a safari field guide working on the reserves of Southern Africa.

Not only is FGASA Level 1 a requirement for a career as a field guide, but is also often required for work in conservation, conservation management, safari lodge hospitality and management, wildlife tourism, national parks work and reserve & park management in Southern Africa.

FGASA promotes a guiding with a strong ethical, well informed, safety conscious approach to guiding to ensuring visitors to the wildlife destinations of Southern Africa have an enjoyable, memorable, inspirational and educational experience.

It is the responsibility of the student to work hard and conduct additional study during downtime, in order to meet the standards required and pass the FGASA Level 1 Pathfinders course. The Pathfinders FGASA trainers are on hand to teach and guide with positive feedback throughout the course, but cannot be held responsible should a student fail to complete the work and/or meet the standards of the FGASA requirements.

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  • A large duffel bag or main rucksack (please avoid large hard, wheeled suitcases)
  • A day pack or rucksack
  • Sun Cream
  • Insect Repellent
  • Swimming Costume
  • Water bottle (1.5-2ltr Capacity)
  • Mosquito Net
  • 2-3 season sleeping bag for sleep-outs or camping
  • Malaria Tablets (please consult your doctor, pharmacy or travel clinic for recommended prophylactics)
  • Laundry marker
  • Camera (at own risk)
  • Alarm clock
  • Laundry Bag
  • Tin mug
  • Heavy duty gardening gloves
  • Passport photos (approx 6) for registration
  • Stationery (pens, pencils, notepads)
  • Laptop (at your own risk)
  • Batteries for electrical appliances
  • Penknife
  • Sewing Kit
  • Binoculars
  • Money Belt
  • External Hard drive to store photos
  • Any reference / eld guide books you may have
  • Toiletries to last 2 weeks (you will be able to visit the shops at least every 2 weeks)

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$90 per day * 50 days for a total of $4,500

Price Includes

  • all accomodation
  • all food
  • all course lectures
  • all park fees
  • all transport between parks

Price Excludes

  • items of a personal nature (e.g. soft drinks)
  • flights to/from Zimbabwe (we pickup from Bulawayo Airport)
  • course guide books (can be supplied at an additional cost)

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