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Wilderness Experiences for

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We believe that nature holds great power to educate.

Joining a course or excursion with Pathfinders is not about mastering nature, it is about embracing it. This is how we become more at one with the world that we live in. We then take you further on this incredible journey, because when you embrace the interconnected nature of the world around us we start to understand it, when we understand it we then care for it, with all our might.

We want to share and celebrate this with every single person that joins us. We see the preservation of our world as a collaborative approach that starts with that first igniting of wonder in our surroundings, and the more we learn, the greater our passion to protect and live in harmony with what is so precious.

Pathfinders has been designed from a love of nature, a passion for providing people with quality guiding experiences and a desire to showcase the amazing continent of Africa. Every course and excursion that we run is planned with this in mind.

Pathfinders is about quality, we are not the company that says we offer the most, we offer the best. Our promise to you is that we will give you the highest quality experience and training possible. Whether you’re on a school group excursion, doing a Field Guide course, or you want to learn more about the bush; prepare to experience nature, to be humbled, and to leave different, more at one with nature, with a deeper understanding and respect for the natural environment.

Nature insists on whatever benefits the whole

– Marcus Aurelius


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