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FGASA-accredited training for young nature enthusiasts and tomorrow’s field Guides. 

Discover more about the environment, nature and conservation through a series of exciting and informative adventure guides and workbooks tailored for young explorers 

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Discover the world of conservation in the Greater Kruger Area

Learn about over 150 different species of African birds

Earn FGASA Junior Certificates in each of your study areas

Discover the micro-world of insects and their fascinating roles in our ecosystems

Your FGASA Junior Journey

Making a connection to nature and the outside world is an essential aspect of children’s development. Teaching our future generations to see and appreciate the world around them can also ensure that they become responsible and dedicated custodians of our natural heritage. Our FGASA-accredited Junior Pangolin course offers young nature enthusiasts an unforgettable wilderness experience in South Africa’s pristine bushveld.

This introductory course is tailored for children ages 8 – 13, and is designed to foster and nurture a love of nature and the outdoors – and maybe even groom a few future field guides! The course focuses on certain aspects of the Bushveld, River and Desert biomes to give participants an all-round introduction to these fascinating environments and their inhabitants. Each biome is taught as a focused module, accompanied by an informative, illustrated adventure workbook. Each successfully completed adventure workbook is rewarded with an official FGASA certificate.

Participants joining our Pangolin Course enjoy comfortable, safe accommodation in our camp facility, overseen by expertly-trained staff and guides.

Participants joining our Pangolin Course enjoy comfortable, safe accommodation in our fenced camp facility, which is based in South Africa’s iconic Kruger Area, just 5 hours outside of central Johannesburg. Here, we can accommodate groups of all sizes (From 15 to over 200!) in bungalows and chalets.

Spacious lapas provide perfect locations for shared meals, lectures and activities. Sprawling lawns, volleyball courts, indigenous riverine forests and safe, natural swimming pools in the Lower Blyde River offer a multitude of activities and recreation under the supervision of our expertly-trained staff and guides.

The core focuses of this program are to expose the children to the great outdoors, to introduce them to conservation education and the importance of the environment around them. Activities such as bush craft, basic survival, basic life skills such as basic first aid and fire management along with fun activities from river rafting to game drives will also be included.

Participants will learn fascinating facts about nature and the environment set in a ‘day in the life of a safari guide’ style experience. They will look at the behavior, interaction and identification of smaller creatures, birds and insects in our ecosystems, and develop an understanding of the fascinating underlying elements that support the rich diversity of life such as geology, soils, plants and climate.

They will also learn fun and useful bushcraft skills and discover the world of nature conservation; learning the plight of our most-poached species such the pangolin and rhino, as well as efforts that are being put in place to combat their decline and the roles of conservation areas and nature reserves.

The day to day activities have been developed to keep participants highly engaged, experiencing the smells, sights and sounds of the bushveld day and night.

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