Bubye Valley Conservancy

Regarded as Africa’s Premier Wildlife Conservancy

The conservancy is named after the Bubye River that runs through it and is a safe haven for the largest stand of breeding black and white rhino in Zimbabwe.

The conservancy is also home to huge thriving herds of wildlife coexisting amongst Mopani woodland, nutritious savanna and dense riverine forests. Including the classic Big 5 and hippo, crocs, cheetah, wild dogs and 10’s of thousands more. Last population figures stand at: +- 800 elephant, 400 lions, rhino visual almost daily, endless leopard, 7000 buffalo, 14000 zebra, 11000 wildebeest, 9000 eland, sable 500, giraffe by the 1000’s, impala 100’s of 1000’s, waterbuck, warthog, bushbuck, etc. It’s paradise on earth and something to see and experience.

Once a land dedicated to cattle ranching, where landowners decimated wildlife populations to make way for livestock, the reverse is now reality and over the last 20 years the conservancy has ‘re-wilded’ to such an extent that it boasts the largest and densest lion population in Zimbabwe and the world’s third largest population of black rhino.

Research is continuous on the Bubye Conservancy to monitor the growth of the lion population and associated issues and management challenges within a large (850,000 acre) fenced area, to ensure the success of future populations and continuing ecological balance in this unique wildlife habitat.