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Wilderness and Nature Based Courses

Whether for your career or a learning experience, a world of beauty and excitement awaits you with a Pathfinders Africa course

Wilderness and Nature Based Courses

Whether for a career course or a wilderness learning experience, a world of beauty and excitement awaits you.

Knowledge Vs. Career

Whether you are looking to embark on a career as a professional field guide or you are a nature enthusiast who would like to obtain that same knowledge Pathfinders Africa Courses can help you get there.

Nature Enthusiasts

There is a great breadth and depth of knowledge that students receive through FGASA training for Professional Field Guides, however not everyone wants a career as a professional guide. We at Pathfinders, in conjunction with the  Field Guides Association of Southern Africa recognise this and present to you our Nature Enthusiast course. Walk away with in-depth knowledge of the bush and earn a FGASA Nature Enthusiast Certificate to boost your career or enhance your outdoor knowledge and adventures. This immersive and activity packed course is ideal for enthusiastic nature lovers or anyone pursuing a career in conservation, hospitality or just a desire to learn more about the natural world.

Professional Guiding

Being a professional field guide can be an incredibly rewarding career. Guides are ambassadors, teachers and guardians of our natural heritage. The Field Guide’s Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) has at its core a commitment to  responsible tourism and the preservation of our natural world setting the president for professional guide training.

While the hours can be long, a guide’s work is rewarding, particularly for those who love nature and the outdoors, and even more so for those who enjoy being an educator.

What skills do Field Guides Need?

  • Communication Skills: The ability to communicate effectively is key to being an effective guide
  • Knowledge: Clients rely entirely on their guide for information about the area they find themselves in, and often about the country, region or cultures
  • Practical Ability:Resourcefulness and practicality should never be underestimated
  • People Skills: Guides must sometimes walk a tight line by being both helpful, friendly and informative, as well as firm and in control. “Difficult” clients will happen and your ability to properly handle them will benefit the whole group
  • Organizational Skills: Guides need to be organized. Planning should be second nature

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Youth Extramural Courses

Accredited training for youth nature enthusiasts and tomorrows field guides!

Pathfinders is proud to be developing a range of courses designed for passionate youth to discover more about the environment, nature and the principles and practices of conservation. A series of exciting workbooks accompany young explorers and environmentalists through the sequence of courses.

From the age of 10 – 17, tailored courses guide participants through discovering our different biomes and fascinating fauna and flora to develop a keen understanding of subjects such as geology, climate, land use, water and wildlife conservation and green technologies.

“Education must not simply teach work, 

it must teach life”

-W. E. B Du Bois

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