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Explore Our Training Destinations

Find out more about the iconic destinations that await you on a Pathfinders training course.

Each destination has been carefully selected to ensure that you get the most-diverse experience possible. This way, when you graduate, you’ll be prepared to guide in a variety of biomes with unique fauna and flora.

Click on the destinations below to get a preview of what’s in store for you!

Antelope Park


3000 acres of pristine savannah is home to Zimbabwe’s Premier Private Game Park. Your first training destination gives you the ideal setting to get your bearings in the bush and…


Your second training destination is the iconic Matopos where you’ll be based at the private Bubiana Conservancy, which gives us the freedom to embark on…


Zimbabwe’s oldest and largest national park is your third training destination. This vast and wild location gives you unparalleled opportunity to put your skills to the test…

Victoria Falls Destination


Your final training destination brings you to the breathtaking Victoria Falls where your base at our 2000-hectare piece of pristine wildlife land allows you to track…