Pathfinders Africa

Pathfinders Africa

An extreme way to experience Africa and qualify with a FGASA certificate!


Field Guides Association of Southern Africa


Africa’s Premier field guiding organisation.

We specialise in creating premium, once-in-a-lifetime guiding experiences in Africa.

Welcome to the world’s first FGASA endorsed mobile field guide training course, which takes trainees across the beautiful and diverse country of Zimbabwe., which takes trainees across the beautiful and diverse country of Zimbabwe.

Discover four unique locations across 2000km of iconic landscapes to learn different aspects of guiding, building a more in-depth and extensive understanding of the different types of ecosystems, fauna and flora in Africa and how to guide in them effectively and meaningfully.

Safari Excursions & FGASA Courses

60 Day FGASA Field Guide Training Course

14 Day Nature Enthusiast Course

Rusty Labuschagne

Private Safaris with Rusty Labuschagne

Our Managing Director, Rusty, spent 20 years as a professional guide, hunter and successful businessman before having his life turned upside down.

Framed for murder, he was falsely imprisoned for the next decade of his life, experiencing the most harrowing conditions possible in Zimbabwe’s prisons.

Now a premier motivational speaker, Rusty conveys a message of determination, forgiveness, gratitude and finding true freedom.

Join the adventure of a lifetime with Rusty, exploring some of Africa’s most stunning destinations all the while being inspired to free your mind, look forward and live your best life! 

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