About Pathfinders Africa

We believe that nature holds great power to educate…

Pathfinders Africa is not about mastering nature…

it is about embracing it

This is how we become more at one with the world that we live in. At Pathfinders Africa, we take you further on this incredible journey, because when we embrace nature we start to understand it, and then we care for it, with all our might.

We want to share and celebrate this passion with every participant that joins us, whether for a professional qualification, or a leisure experience.

We see the preservation of our natural resources as a collaborative approach that starts first with an igniting of wonder at our surroundings, and the more we learn, the greater our desire becomes to protect that which is so precious.

Every Pathfinders course has been designed from a love of nature, a dedication to providing people with quality wilderness experiences and training, and a commitment to responsibly showcasing the amazing continent of Africa.

Every course we run is planned meticulously with this in mind.

At Pathfinders, we sponsor one local guide for every 10 participants we have on our NQF2 Field Guide Course.

Pathfinders are about quality. We don’t want to be the company that says we run the most courses or train the most people, we want to be ones running and training the best.

Our promise to you is to provide the best experience and training possible.

Be ready for new exploits, for fun, for work, for learning – and at times to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Be prepared to be humbled and inspired by nature and to leave your course with a newfound understanding and respect for the world around you.

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