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Whether for your career or a learning experience, a world of beauty and excitement awaits you with a Pathfinders Africa course.

What you will learn at Pathfinders

Communication Skills: The ability to communicate effectively is key to being a good guide.

Knowledge: Clients rely entirely on their guide for information about the area they find themselves in, and often about the country, region or cultures.

Practical Ability: Resourcefulness and practicality should never be underestimated.

People Skills: Guides must sometimes walk a tight line by being both helpful, friendly and informative, as well as firm and in control. “Difficult” clients will happen and your ability to properly handle them will benefit the whole group.

Organizational Skills: Guides need to be organized. Planning should be second nature.

FGASA Courses Available with Pathfinders Africa

60 Day FGASA Field Guide Training Course

14 Day Nature Enthusiast Course

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