Victoria Falls

A trip to Zimbabwe wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Our October course participants spent the final two weeks of their 60 day Field Guide course in this iconic destination, taking in the incredible sights and discovering the history behind this natural wonder.

One of the first things they did was visit Victoria Falls, otherwise known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, “The Smoke that Thunders”. This spectacular waterfall is situated on the mighty Zambezi River, marking the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Everyone watched in awe as this large body of water continuously made its way over Victoria Falls into the gorge below, releasing a huge cloud of spray into the sky and leaving them soaked!

With multiple viewpoints on offer, the group was able to absorb the sheer magnificence of this site. On one of the mornings, they even hiked down into the Gorge and were able to witness the waterfall from a different vantage point and see just how far down it goes!

Elephants in Victoria Falls

Another highlight of their time in Victoria Falls were the days spent in the Zambezi National Park, driving along the banks of the river and encountering a number of new bird and mammal species. The summer rains had finally started to arrive and the bush was thriving, with new leaves and green vegetation emerging everywhere.

Each trip into the park meant a new picnic spot along the Zambezi River was chosen, with lunch enjoyed to the sounds of the iconic African Fish Eagle and the serenading resident Hippos. Lunch was typically followed by an afternoon nap under a tree or a quiet study session whilst taking in the beauty of the bush. With the final FGASA assessments coming up, our participants spent the days perfecting their guiding skills and absorbing as much knowledge as they could about their surroundings!

The Zambezi River

The Pathfinders campsite is situated within 2000 hectares of pristine wildlife land, about a 20-minute drive from the Victoria Falls town. Being in the midst of the bush, our students were surrounded by beautiful birdlife, vegetation and learning opportunities, providing them with the perfect base from where they could prepare for their final assessments.

With only a week left before their exams, it was time to put their heads down and soak up all the information they had learnt throughout the past 7 weeks. The exams took place as a 2-hour theoretical exam followed by a practical assessment in the Zambezi National Park.

Students were required to take the FGASA assessors on a guided experience into the bush, showcasing the knowledge and skills they had obtained throughout the 60-day course. All their hard work paid off and we were incredibly happy to attain a 100% pass rate!

FGASA Field Guide Course Africa
Elephants in Victoria Falls

With the relief of the assessments behind them, the newly qualified field guides were finally able to relax and enjoy the activities Victoria Falls has to offer. The course wound down with a celebratory boat cruise down the Zambezi River, with everyone sharing stories from the past two months and revelling in what they had achieved in that time!

We were privileged to have such a fantastic group of like-minded people join us on our October course, bonding over their passion for the bush and the experiences they shared together throughout the two months.

We have no doubt that 2020 will be just as exciting and cannot wait for our next course to commence! If you are interested in joining us, enquire today at

“A highlight of Victoria Falls was the falls themselves and being able to go on a game drive along such a beautiful river!”

Georgina Thorne, South Africa

“This course has pushed me even more to come back here and to extend my further education about the bush.”

George Goodwin, UK


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