Hwange National Park

Zimbabwe’s oldest and largest national park with a remarkable diversity of wildlife

Hwange boasts over 100 mammal species and 400 bird species, making it a guiding paradise.

Renowned for its vast Elephant populations, large Lion prides and 1000-strong herds of Buffalo, Hwange is perfect for spotting large game and learning more about their behavioural patterns within a large ecosystem.

Hwange is also well-known for the many artificial water pans that enable the huge diversity of life within the area. Unfortunately, the provision of this artificial game water has also contributed to an overabundance in the Elephant population, resulting in detrimental effects to the surrounding flora and fauna. The complexity of this entire ecosystem makes Hwange an interesting location to discuss the role and importance of Conservation Management. 

Being its oldest and largest National Park, Hwange is the guiding capital of Zimbabwe, with some of the world’s most recognized “bushmen” having plied their trade there. With multiple operators working in the area, course participants will learn how to responsibly showcase the National Park and all its incredible wildlife.

The Pathfinders course is based on a private concession that borders the National Park and with no fences in the area, animals move freely between the park and the surrounding reserves. Being based on a private concession allows our participants to take advantage of night drives and bush walks, further honing their knowledge and skills.

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