FGASA Field Guide Association Courses

Leading the way in FGASA endorsed guiding qualifications

The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) is a professional authority, which sets the regulatory standards on safari guiding education and practice throughout the safari industry in Southern Africa.

FGASA promotes an ethical, well-informed and safety-conscious approach to guiding; ensuring visitors to the wildlife destinations of Southern Africa have an enjoyable, memorable, inspirational and educational experience.

The FGASA program is aligned with, and covers all the requirements of, the CATHSSETA-registered National Qualifications Framework. The main focus of this skills program is on tourist guiding, with specific emphasis on Nature Guiding within a site or a number of sites.

FGASA is a CATHSSETA accredited training provider for tourism guiding in South Africa. At present some of the national qualifications/skills programmes can be attained through FGASA. There is also a number of other FGASA Certificates that are exclusive to FGASA. via FGASA

The NQF2 qualification

This is the qualification you will work towards achieving through the 60-day Pathfinders Field guide course. The FGASA NQF2 qualification is the baseline requirement to enter a career as a safari field guide working on the reserves of Southern Africa.

It is also often required for work in conservation, conservation management, safari lodge hospitality and management, wildlife tourism, national parks work and park management in Southern Africa.

It is the responsibility of the student to work hard and conduct additional study during downtime in order to meet the standards required and pass the FGASA NQF2 Pathfinders course.

The Pathfinders FGASA trainers are on hand to teach and guide with constructive feedback throughout the course but cannot be held responsible should a student fail to complete the work and/or meet the standards of the FGASA requirements.

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